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The driver accelerated by witnesses fled after bursting into arr

The newspaper news (reporter Kuang chi) unscrupulous drivers hit two people after be indifferent to,Moncler Outlet, but accelerated escape; man sees his back, after the failed and alarm and called an ambulance, the injured to the hospital.
Yesterday morning,Moncler Outlet, Hankou dike angle Street staged this good and evil clear scene.The road embankment angle segment 717 road bus station nearby.A knowledgeable person,, yesterday morning zero 20 Xu, a tricycle was crossing the road.
A white car high speed drive,Moncler, to the time,Using index fund and the stock index futures arbitrage str, tricycles and car are not dodge.Tricycle was hit immediately deformation, on the car two men to fly out, lying on the ground without noise.When the car after a pause,Moncler Pas Cher, had accelerated to two seven way of escape.
The king master the proper place home.According to him, then he heard a noise behind.Then see a tricycle to roll on the ground, two men fell to the ground can not afford.And the head of a car hit a white car forward he rushed to.
The king master consciousness to the car to escape,Moncler Jacket,Three hundred villagers Group hundred years birthday celebration neighbors (Figure), and to stop in the middle of the road, want the car stop.But the white car suddenly turn, increase the throttle rushed past.Master Wang was nearly brought down after the car accident,Women's obligation to care for the disabled veterans fifteen years,Doudoune Moncler, he tried to make out the firm the license plate, but the lights dim.
Master Wang rushed to the scene, view two injured cases rapidly after the alarm, and an ambulance to come to contact 120.Police and paramedics came,, took the injured to the hospital for treatment.It is understood, two serious wounds,, hospital is currently undergoing treatment.

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Zhejiang University Forum revealed associate profe

If not forthis illness ,he will as usual, one hand holding the lesson plan, one hand holding the chalk ,appeared in the West in 416 classrooms ;if not for this illness ,he still unknown to the public ,but there are numerous fans in the classroom to hear him say the people Republic of China ;but because it is a disease ,make public management school of Zhejiang University Department of government of Li Lizhi of associate professor of teacher ,become no longer calm .
This cold winter ,the university teachers and students to teacher Li lit a beacon . lamp .Pan Yimeng Xin Wen - correspondent reporter Xu Jiajing trainee reporter Lai Chunxiao last lesson ,he said : the occupation that I feel my existence is meaningful teacher Li Lizhi this year 42 years old ,Jiangxi .
His history of people is a general education curriculum in university .In the University, the students of general class attention is far worse than the professional class, but the teacher Li class ,will always win the applause of the students be overcome by one .
In December 28, 2009, and as usual ,Li load one to teach a course .But just three days later ,he was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer .Time is close to the school ,2012 July public offering of the fund market development _ strategy report _ sina finance _,Lee teacher closed his book ,gently breath ,he told the students ,he was seriously ill ,cannot give them lessons .
I am so many years ,miss most is the stage ,Moncler Jacket,you are .I won ,do politics ,my one is only in the three feet platform can come in handy .This occupation gave me food to eat ,give me a house to live in ,what is more important is that I can stay with you, let me feel my existence is meaningful .
Under the platform ,many students had tears ,they don believe it ,do not give the good teacher .Student post for love for his class I Division :one minute is not willing to miss Li Lizhi teacher is ill after the news spread ,soon there are a large number of students in the University of the most popular 98 forum posting ,their memories of Miss Li ,teacher prayer wishes .
Study in computer professional big two Qi Liang is the first in the 98 forum posting student ,he recalls ,Li school steady level ,structured ,Moncler,as if there are dozens or even hundreds of the book in his mind are be arranged ,detailed slightly to local into each teaching point ,let students can easily understand and master .
Qi Liang post soon received more than two thousand students response .Have the students write in the card ,Lee teacher I enter university is the first lesson, have left a deep impression, his class I a minute is not willing to miss ,how I wish it was a misdiagnosis ,The public offering fund rebound into the second half _ stra!More students, teacher Li history almost reshaped my view of history ,is the university ideological enlightenment course .
Day as a teacher ,life-long father ,I must go to the hospital to see him, in the classroom ,he came back ,listen again to his lecture .Fellow eyes Li : he doesn ,but very good lesson Zhejiang University Teachers in that Lee teacher feel surprised .
I told teacher Li is recognized early .He was in the school when the teacher ,through self-study exam ,he entered Zhejiang University post-graduate master ,I was his teacher .He impressed me as a very dependable ,duty ,is very hard to learn .
However ,Moncler Outlet,he was a quiet man . Public management school teacher Zhang Yali said .Talking about Teacher Li ,Zhang Yali tells a story .She said ,in Li read the graduate student the third grade when, his mentor -- East China research the history of the most famous professor Wang Xueqi fell ill .
Teacher Li is respected teacher Wang is ,,after 3 months ,Lee teacher everyday on my .It not only let Zhang moved, also let Mr. lady was very moved .In 1999,Fixed income fund 5 monthly Bond Fund Puzhang _ strategy rep, Lee teacher at Beijing Normal University after graduation, chose to return to Hangzhou ,as an ordinary teacher in Zhejiang university .
Though in those days ,professional graduate doctorate is very popular ,with people from the unit treatment was higher than that of the University ,but Li Lizhi says ,Moncler Pas Cher, I like Hangzhou ,partial shares mixed,like the University ,my teacher here .
So ,Railroad policewoman posing anti-pickpocket police,he came back .Thereafter ,because his wife from his home to hang without the appropriate work, their life has been very embarrassed ,but he did not regret .Zhejiang University School of public administration and Political Department Head Professor Lang Youxing told reporters : Li is a lesson seriously ,his every course is very good ,especially the general class .
Our school provides students to score from the teacher in the class ,he started Republic of China in this course ,students give all that good ,our college like can no longer find such a teacher ,I want this to teacher Li hard teaching is not open .
In 2009,,China and the United States ETF development brief, Li was named the University 2008 year outstanding moral education teacher .The school Party committee assistant deputy secretary Zheng Qiang such a teacher ,is Zheda baby .
Maximal desire: a student remember my words ,this whole life will satisfy a few days ago ,Li has just finished interventional operation ,the people are very weak ,but the bed still lay a thick Unhappy China .
On students to do these things, Li said : I Zheda an ordinary teacher ,there are so many students in the care for me ,really touched ;moreover, many students are not taught me ,,like a few days ago to see me that big three boys ,Doudoune Moncler,I still don .
But I don my students to me expend too much energy ,should make their study and body care . Teacher Li class students know ,Lee teacher never named .Li said ,the teacher should not rely on the roll call to restrain students .
His practice is in the last lesson naming but the purpose is not to see who did not come, but let everyone know each other .He advocated the teacher wants to talk with students ,he said that only by means of communication to understand what students need .
University should teach students ,teacher should know about what ,Moncler Outlet,want to know ,what is what is .Let students understand the knowledge ,is the lowest level of the hierarchy ;second is to let students understand the idea ,learn to analyze .
He wanted to achieve most of the students in the future ,think about life ,think about social ,life difficulties, can have one more point ,a path of thinking .This understanding is more important than knowledge .

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A disabled husband back disease wife stall living 11 years Figu

Zhou Lingbei Yang Zhenghua to set up a stall from Shapingba area with no other source of income, downstairs Street smoke booth is the couple only hope in life, two people 24 hours by waiting.His wife was sick and unable to walk, a disabled husband every day to back her up and down the stairs 58 steps.
In 11 years, Shapingba area Zhou Ling couples regardless of the weather over 90000 stairs.In the morning the day before yesterday, the sand is 111 Street 1-2, Ling, a hand pushing the door, one hand on the back of his wife Yang Zhenghua.
The wife back to cigarette stall down,Woman offering a reward of 100000 search 9 years a, Zhou Ling quips: "rest assured, as long as you one day, I carry."At the age of 52, when Zhou Ling was two years old fell,Moncler Outlet, hurt his spine, become a hunchback, less than 1.
4 meters tall.Yang Zhenghua is 3 years older than he, at the age of 16, suffered a nervous tic,She said the daughte,Moncler, whole body tic,Moncler Outlet, action inconvenience.Along with the growth of the age,, Yang Zhenghua is more and more serious illness, at the age of 43, has been unable to walk.
In 1982,, after a neighbor introduced,, two people meet and form a family.In 1998, Zhou Ling unit Hua construction company went bankrupt, he come off sentry duty comes home, the couple had to put smoke booth for a living.
"The thin profits, 24 hours to keep."Yang Zhenghua said,Doudoune Moncler, his poor health, morning to keep 4 hours a day, the rest of the time is Zhou Lingshou."For 11 years,Moncler Jacket, he never took on New Year's Eve, thirty are defend booth.
"Last year, Yang Zhenghua found out that gallstones, stay in the hospital for a month,Galaxy Securities Fund Research Center fund performance weekly _ strategy report, Zhou Ling 24 hours a day defend booth, by the young mother to send him a meal."She is a cripple, and I can't walk away,Moncler Pas Cher, we even opposite Chongqing University have never been.

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The fifth grade boys drink bottle 4 years contribu

A bottle of mineral water 1 cents, picking up many beverage bottle can sell 300 yuan?Yesterday, the fifth grade primary school attached to Dalian Maritime University Ding Cong said,Moncler Jacket, he picked up a beverage bottle can sell 300 yuan, and then gave the money to the poor children in Hunan.
He was up to 4 years, will continue to adhere to 7 years.A few photos of sow the seeds of love Ding Cong decided to pick up bottles to help poor students during the 2006 Spring Festival on the second grade of primary school, Ding Cong's father and mother to her aunt's home pay New Year's call, chat,, aunt took out on a business trip in Hunan during the first half of the photographs, from photos and aunt's mouth, Ding Cong learned that the local kids the difficulties of life,In May a debt fund as rose QDII losses _ strategy, 300 yuan is enough for a small friend one year learning cost.
Auntie Ding Cong in mind, after deliberation, Ding Cong put forward to the father, through their own efforts to poverty-stricken areas to the little friend year 300 yuan, make themselves and the same children learn better.
300 yuan of money to come from where?Ding Cong like a grownup decided to rely through one's own efforts,Moncler Pas Cher, through to pick up bottles of mineral water to sell donor.Later, through the introduction of aunt, Ding Cong met the Hunan province Guzhang County small and himself on the second grade of primary school students Dai Rao, both sides forms a pair of donor object.
Since then, Ding Cong will no longer drink the beverage, mineral water to throw away, at the same time, the use of spare time around to collect, accumulate to a certain degree to the purchasing waste money, then save.
Looking at his son's actions, Ding Cong's mom and dad will drink the beverage bottle outside the home, and take practical action to support the son.Ding Cong told the reporters,Doudoune Moncler, in addition to the collection of the bottle, he also take the newspapers, books and also used to change money.
At the end of 2006, the first with a childhood love of 300 yuan money finally sent out.Pupil letter firm belief of donor pupil and he scores the reporter sees this piece of "honorary certificate" from "Xiangxi autonomy state schools aid recipient donation center", in time for the April 8, 2007,Moncler Outlet, as "Ding Cong students: I sincerely thank you for the generosity of Xiangxi educational cause.
....."Then Ding Cong sent and get out of hand, 2007, 2008 and on time will be 300 yuan.At the same time, donated girl Dai Rao in 2007 August to send a thank you letter,he finally succeeded, letter, girl introduced Ding Cong to say "home situation is not good, dad died, now a mother bear my life,Moncler, at home there is a seven year old grandma, ten home poor Ding Cong, thank you for your classmates, to reducing the burden of my mother.
"Dai Rao students also introduces, "our campus is beautiful and fertile, the school gate there is a row of landscape trees......"Finally, Dai Rao's classmate says "I will study hard, and you play, see who have good grades.
"In the correspondence of Dai Rao Ding Cong,Haitong Securities focus on the theme of investment ability of fund _ strategy report _ sina finance, a detailed understanding, he is also very encouraging,15 - year old son weighing less than 35 kg father to donate half liver to save son, more know learning.But slightly regret,Moncler Outlet, he wrote very little can be sent to other hands, may be Dai Rao leave the address less accurate.
Bring more people pick up bottles this year have saved 167 yuan later, a letter to the school attached to Dalian Maritime University the thank you letter and "honorary certificate of" let more students and teachers to understand the story of Ding Cong, during a parents' meeting, school leadership in the radio praised Ding Cong,, from now on,That singer who hacked continued family won the 20, the story of Ding Cong on the campus spread,, but also drives a lot of students join the team to pick up bottles.
Yesterday, Ding Cong Liu Jie class and school leaders told reporters, Ding Cong usually acted as well,Chinese overseas funds in 2011 October monthly _ strategy report _ sina finance, most importantly, he has not only love, but also through their own labor to save the donor of others, but also to hold on for a long time, is worth praising and encouraging.

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Graduates 5 months interviewing 7 units to earn enough to eat ev

On June 21st,Changchun Normal University Graduates in 2010 days (a pseudonym ) boarded the train ,bid farewell to his alma mater ,set foot on the road long job .In the next 156 days ,she has experienced untold sufferings .
She worked as a waitress ,in small dining table tutor tutor ,almost in line .A meager income to her every day meal .Despite the efforts ,no hungry the childr,but the job without the door, red is very helpless .
The first interview with strange expression ,escape from the hotel and all graduates as brilliant ,also have a dream .Although the family was not good ,she still hope that through their own efforts to let my parents and brother live a good life .
Resumes and voted out, as if no echo .She saw a Weihai company reply ,glad, immediately and students went to Weihai ,and he told his mother ,Moncler Outlet, red will mix a kind to make money ,household income .
Thanks to the girls around ,the company did not dare to act rashly and blindly interview . First interview after the brilliant ,Moncler Pas Cher,I think also scared .The original bright ,the company name is not small, located in a room in a hotel .
A red door ,found the wrong .Room scattered a few tables ,sundries shop ,two males and one female ,weird eyes ,they carefully looked bright and accompanied the students . A man comes up to search for the package ,all of a sudden I dodged .
Yan Yan said ,in that moment ,she knew ,they had been duped .The brilliant and students to run hard to run out from the hotel .July in Weihai ,the sun bright ,aimlessly in the street .
Reception of the station 15 hours a day ,40 days to earn $800 at a hotel in front of bright ,stopped . Waitress ,receptionist ,the bag eats ,a monthly salary of 1500 yuan plus bonus . Red does not hesitate to go .
College students can also do the attendant, is not clean the room ,I want to try . Red is a stubborn girl, can take temporary setbacks .The probation period of a few days ago, was caught in the tourist season, red to help carry the table ,moving bed .
From the 1 floor to the 14 floor ,tired arm up . Yan Yan said ,move things began to tidy up the room .See red is able to endure hardship ,assigned her to work at the front desk ,day to stand for 15 hours ,the guest many times ,a day and a night will not rest .
Although such a bright ,feel much more relaxed .In the foreground is responsible for answering the telephone to the guest room .Due to the language barrier ,although red very hard ,often still make a lot of money ,was detained .
Finally, leading to the resignation of red ,think this job is not for her .So bright ,bid farewell to her first job ,lasting 40 days ,get 800 yuan of money ,but also a serious illness .
The factory recruits on eyes work ,decided to give up with be not easily won 800 yuan brilliant ,not spend a yuan of money .She is still trying to find work ,obviously, sociology professional competition but she Chinese secretary class graduates .
The talent market in Weihai ,she saw a joint venture plant hire, she reluctantly smile ,decided to give it a try ,Moncler Outlet,because she almost out of money .Red remember clearly, interview that day ,Weihai under a rain cat and dog .
She is in the factory ,a pipelined machine sound buzzing, she decide compose oneself ,walk into the office . There is the camera ,passing people dressed in overalls ,only the eyes . Red felt very afraid ,she found ,where everyone will laugh ,she in there like a monster .
The interviewer told red ,a day in the workshop assembly line work 14 hours .A monthly salary of 1500 yuan ,,work overtime normally rest day . The pipeline mainly by eye . Yan Yan said ,Moncler Jacket,it is a processing plant ,especially tired eyes .
When you come in two years ,soon tired eyes almost blind . 500 degrees of myopia of the red guard man heard words, decided to give up .Red classmate was home to arrange into a business ,working in Qingdao .
No students accompanied by bright ,consider leaving Weihai . Eat all need money ,could not find work home no tolls . Yan Yan says .Extracurricular teacher provide meals and accommodation are sleeping table eating leftovers provide food and accommodation for students ,each student counseling ,deduct a percentage from a sum of 40 yuan .
The classmates boyfriend ,red left Weihai ,come to Dalian work .Battered her to start from scratch in dalian . Hard work all right . Red was introduced to a tutoring class little teacher .
Can she come unfortunately ,catch the family decoration .As with the boss of good relations ,with the help of a bustling bright .In September 1st, she officially as a little teacher ,each student Commission 40 yuan .
Salary satisfaction ,but previously said for eating for living is not the case .Yan Yan tells a reporter ,for is living ,evening child with home later, to study tables together to teachers .
For every day to eat ,but eat only one meal ,net is students leftovers .When eating ,the boss looks often makes red unable to swallow .Yan Yan said ,in order to eat, she had to eat outside ,but only eat ramen noodles and rice ,the other can not afford to eat .
In order to make more money ,red with 15 students ,calculate come down ,900 yuan a month .From the day the students after school tutoring ,( 16:30 ) until 21 .Even dinner didn sleep .
Evening class, red day is idle ,will continue to look for the work .As a province, 1 yuan fare ,she managed to walk to the talent market .In order not to spend money ,,but also not cold ,she went to the library to read a book .
The boss general feel at home during the day for us . Along the way, red face .Memories from Weihai red ,the headwaiter reprimand ,now boss eyes ,setbacks she forgot the ideal .
Speak of these, she burst into tears ,full of pain .Continue to interview her unexpectedly became the vulnerable groups red then went to interview a few units , go intermediary, not five social insurance and one housing fund ,selling 10 sets of houses to the royalty .
The beginning of the red to Dalian doesn ,not equal to .She went to a unit ,almost tricked into mlm .Several interviews ,she has be tired out .Disasters pile up on one another. However ,half a month ago ,red wallet was stolen, there are 400 multivariate money ,Doudoune Moncler,Chung Lu Fund attention fixed income fund long-ter,it was her half a month living expenses .
Long-term malnutrition ,has pale red ,she said ,now the most cold-blooded , cold no thick clothes to wear . She is now the most wanted someone to give her a job to maintain adequate food and clothing .
If you can help red ,please contact us .Help hotline 81739988 .Reporter Zhang Lu Li Qingling intern s income from June 21st to date ,,36 years of paraplegia migrant workers to donate corneas kidney,days wandering outside the whole 156 days .Interviews with 7 family units, the two worked, to pay a total of 2800 yuan, eliminate travelling expenses ,Moncler,living expenses ,there is not much left .
The feeling in Changchun elm red think of home made a living by farming parents and young newly unemployed brother ,could not help but sigh . My parents out for college students is hard to do ? Yan Yan said ,she never give up .

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